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Business, care, computing, construction, customer service, engineering, furniture, hair and beauty, hospitality and catering, motor vehicle, retail, sport/sport services – we run apprenticeship training in all of these areas. 
In addition to the apprenticeships listed below, we also offer:
  • Food Production and Cooking Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Motor Vehicle Body and Paint Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Motor Vehicle Body and Paint Advanced Apprenticeship
  • Activity Leadership (Football) Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Sports Development (Coaching) Advanced Apprenticeship
  • Passenger Carrying Vehicles Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • IT Advanced Apprenticeship
  • IT Higher Apprenticeship
  • Manufacturing (Business Improvement Techniques) Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Manufacturing (Performing Manufacturing Operations) Intermediate Apprenticeship
To apply for any of these additional apprenticeships, please email admissions@activateapprenticeships.co.uk or call 01865 551 015