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Management of Electrical Equipment Maintenance (PAT Testing)

This course is aimed at managers and administrators of workplaces and of companies that provide maintenance and testing services.

What do I learn?
The course content includes:
• The Law and Scope of the Legislation Electrical Equipment
• In-Service Inspection and Testing Documentation
• Labelling Training for Competence and Instruments

The course does not include any practical testing of delegates but does have a practical demonstration by the lecturers. Delegates must obtain a copy of the 'Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment' published by the I.E.E. available from the provider. This can be used for reference during the C&G examination.

Recap methods of testing portable and fixed electrical equipment, coupled with management systems.

Presentation discussion and group work.
What do I gain?
You gain an understanding of best-practice management of electrical equipment testing to satisfy HSE EAWR and PUWER.
What do I need?
You need to hold C&G 2377-12 to do this course.
What do I gain?
Possibly C&G 2392 (Fundamental Test and Inspection of Electrical Installations), which we also run at the College.
Management of Electrical Equipment Maintenance (PAT Testing) NEWS
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